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We have honed a process that helps us paint masterpieces for each and every clients. 

  1. Free Resume Assessment – We review your current resume, identifying what’s working and areas of improvement.  Our Free Resume Assessment serves as the basis for pricing.

  2. Interview – Our in-depth interview process and insightful questions reveal undiscovered assets and capabilities we then use to construct an awesome resume.  

  3. Online Tests – We utilize easy and fun tests for additional insight into your career skills and style. 

  4. Crafting the Masterpiece – Creating a resume is like painting a work of art.  Every word adds light and contrast.  Every sentence is a brush stroke, until finally a masterpiece is finished.  

  5. Resume Review – Your resume is unveiled in a one-on-one review that ensures your satisfaction. 

About Awesome Resumes

Writing your own resume is like painting by numbers.  You’ll create a painting, but it is unlikely to capture the attention of a true critic—your next employer.   

Our personalized service and ability to create customized resumes have been the hallmark of our (and our clients!) success. This is where our quality shines and is what differentiates us.

Each resume we write is uniquely crafted for the individual it represents. We structure the content and format to convey the most compelling portrayal of what that client offers to potential employers.

We also realize that when you enlist a resume service, the quality of what you pay for has direct impact on your marketability in the job market, and we are unquestionably dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Anne Belfort

Anne Belfort is the creative force behind Awesome Resumes, LLC.  She uses her 25-year career experience in Marketing, Strategy Development, Business Development and Sales Training to repackage and marketing people.  By communicating the right information, in the right way, her clients report that their new AWESOME RESUMES are gaining attention and interest from employers.  

Anne is a high-energy dynamo who knows how to bring out the best in her clients. After you have experienced Anne’s process, you won’t view yourself in the same light, even better, neither will your potential employers.  


We operate on a one price DOES NOT fit all philosophy.  Pricing is based on the complexity and depth of each person’s career history.  The Free Resume Assessment is the critical first step in the process. 

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