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Awesome Resumes Case Study 1

Case Study - 1

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Dawn F. - Aurora, CO
A Claims Operations Manager seeking a Director of Marketing position in a different industry.

Dawn invested in earning an MBA Degree to improve her career opportunities. For several months she struggled with trying to update her resume herself, but wasn't satisfied that it was as strong as it could be. Not knowing how to improve it, she started sending it out anyway and was getting poor response. She did the Free Resume Assessment, and hired Awesome Resumes.

The "Awesome Resumes" Advantage
When Dawn started sending out her new resume, she immediately started getting responses, but not for the jobs she wanted to consider. Within a couple of months, however, she started getting interest from employers she was interested in. With several viable opportunities, she selected the job offer that was not only a promotion, but was in a field in which she had never worked before! They clearly saw her value and skill set, and she appropriately handled that first killer interview question ... "So. You've never worked in this field before. Why should we hire you?"

What do you like most about this new resume, and why?
"This resume beautifully summarizes and clearly articulates all important aspects of my skills and experiences in a clean, simple style. It has depth and character, and an overall professional and reader-friendly presentation. I like it more and more each time I read it, and am proud to send it out."

Content and representation of you and your skills
"In addition to specific accomplishments, Anne accurately summarized my "soft" skills which I think gives the resume character."

Please comment on the flow and readability
"My resume is very reader-friendly. It presents well, is easy on the eyes and invites reader to actually READ it. The organization is a logical and easy flow."