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Case Study - 2

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Neil K. - Lafayette, CA
A Baby Boomer who completed his college degree to pursue a new career path.

At 50 years of age, Neil decided to return to college complete his degree. He enrolled in the local Community College to take the appropriate coursework for acceptance to Arizona State University, and enrolled in the Supply Chain Management curriculum while also securing a part-time job to gain relevant work experience. Despite the fact that Neil graduated with a 4.0 GPA, he found that competing with "twenty-something" students was tough! So he enlisted Awesome Resumes' help.

The "Awesome Resumes" Advantage
The resume and interview coaching assistance helped Neil focus on the skills and value he brought to prospective employers. Neil accepted an offer at UCLA, and in just over one year was promoted to the Office of the President for the University of California campus system, which oversees the operations of 19 locations throughout the state, including 10 college campuses, 5 hospitals and 3 national laboratories.

What do you like most about this new resume, and why?
"It positioned me as a standout candidate, that uses descriptors that present me in my best light. It packaged me like a winning product. And it has a clean, neat appearance."

Content and representation of you and your skills
"My new resume focuses on my job skills, and hints at my traits and work habits. Employers want to know who you are. I think my new AWESOME RESUME communicates a complete profile of what an employer can expect to receive on the job."

Flow and readability
"The resume reads well and gets to the point, using 'high impact' industry savvy content. It's readable, flows logically and weaves a story. It's a comfortable, informative document."

Did anything surprise you about the new resume?
"My new AWESOME RESUME uses descriptors that I would not have thought of using myself. They way my resume is put together in a creative manner that makes the information easy to read for the hiring manager."

Awesome Resume process and approach to writing resumes
"The resume product itself has a job to do...to get you 'face-time' with a hiring manager. The resume did just that—I couldn't ask for anything more. Getting the job was up to me from the first interview on, throughout the process. I really appreciated Anne's professionalism and genuine interest in the successful outcome of the entire 'new hire' employment process."

How did this process help you get closer to what you are striving to achieve?
"Anne is a solid contributor to my career change and career growth. I continue to work with her and keep an updated resume at my disposal to provide a hedge against the ever-changing job market. A current resume gives me the ability to leap at new opportunities as they arise. Anne was very supportive, and has a creative, unique approach in looking at things. She crafts resumes that achieve incredible results. Anne instinctively knows the qualities that need to be presented in a resume to make others take notice. She firmly believes in helping people reach their highest potential—she certainly helped me do that for myself. I appreciate Anne's guidance, and have benefited tremendously from her coaching."