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Awesome Resumes - Case Study 3

Case Study - 3

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Sharon G. - Relocating from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA
A VP of Operations needed to seek employment quickly, and fix the resume she paid another service to do that had produced no calls for interviews.

Sharon's husband was relocating his business from Colorado to Southern California. Needing to find new employment herself, Sharon found a Resume Writing Service on the internet that promised high quality results. She was not impressed with the resume they produced for her, and the few she sent out did not get any response. She wondered if her monetary investment in that service had been a good one, because she knew the resume wasn't working.

The "Awesome Resumes" Advantage
She asked Awesome Resumes for a Free Assessment, and knew immediately they could help! Armed with her new AWESOME RESUME, Sharon received several job offers.

"When I saw Anne's first draft of my new resume, I simply could not believe the difference. As soon as I started sending it out, the phone was ringing off the hook! I know without a doubt that this resume positively affected my job search; in one week of interviewing with several potential employers in my new location, four mentioned how impressed they were with my resume.

The resume quickly and effectively communicates my skills and background to the reader. The reader only gives the overview of each resume a few seconds, so it is important to get them to give you a second glance and to be able to quickly identify your skills.

The resume flow and readability are simply outstanding ... and the content is accurate and effective."