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Awesome Resumes Case Study 4

Case Study - 4

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Karla D. - Centennial, CO
A Baby Boomer seeking to return to her original employment path of eight years prior.

Karla was working for a Home Builder in Customer Service for several years, and due to an economic downturn, wanted to return to the job she had prior to entering that industry. She belonged to a job-search networking group, and asked a resume writer through the group to help her rewrite her resume. But after several months of sending it out and getting no interest, she realized she wasn't getting anywhere. And, she was concerned that perhaps being a Baby Boomer would make it tougher as she was competing with younger candidates for the same jobs. Karla asked Awesome Resumes for a Free Resume Assessment, and immediately understood why her resume wasn't effective, and how it could be improved.

The "Awesome Resumes" Advantage
Awesome Resumes prepared a new resume, constructed a strong, personalized cover letter, and provided job interview coaching. After several months of interviews, working with recruiters/staffing agencies, and carefully selecting the opportunities that interested her, Karla accepted a job offer that exceeded what even she had hoped for ... which should easily take her into retirement. Best of all, she is back in the job and environment she truly wanted, gaining "current work experience" in her preferred field again!

What do you like most about this new resume?
"The thing I love about my new resume is that it is a beautiful summary which explicitly states why an employer should hire me. It gave me the confidence that I needed to 'sell' myself in a competitive market. It is professional and well written. Anne has a special gift for bringing all your talents, abilities and skills to the top... many of which I didn't think were that important!"

Content and representation of you and your skills
"The presentation is thorough and touches on what employers wanted to know about me. Anne's cover letter and resume 'get me in the door', and her job interview coaching allowed me to improve my interviewing skills to ultimately land the job I wanted."

Flow and readability
"The flow and readability was great. It said enough about me but not too much to bore or lose people from the start. It was organized and well thought out."

Did anything surprise you about the new resume?
"Yes, it gave me more confidence than I thought possible. I was out there competing in a tough job market, and a Baby Boomer to boot, so I needed to approach each new opportunity with confidence and flexibility, and I had to continue to show that my skills were current. Awesome Resumes helped me to do that."

Awesome Resume process and approach to writing resumes
"I was ready to give up! Awesome Resumes know how to write a resume that gets results. With their help, I approached the final interview (for the job I was hired for) determined and confident, proactive and prepared. I presented myself as the best candidate, the one they should hire, and it worked! I received a call the next day with an offer! This job was even better than I expected."

How did this process help you get closer to what you are striving to achieve?
"I would recommend Awesome Resumes to anyone who wants to improve their job situation. They can help you get focused, and understand what it will take to make it happen. I will always be grateful for their help on my job search ... to be able to return to the job for which I am so well suited! Thank you Anne! You have a gift indeed!"