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Awesome Resumes Testimonials


“I am proud of the resume that Awesome Resumes created for me. The process helped me reaffirm that I have done some seriously great work during my career.  Finally, I am getting called for interviews! 

—VP Ad Agency, Denver, CO

"Anne's process is excellent. The result is fabulous. I have already recommended Anne to other people whom I know could benefit from her skill." 

—CEO, Silicon Valley

"Anne knows the resume 'best practices'. The proof is in the results. I have received high quality responses from recruiters and hiring managers.”

—Suzanne P. - Sunnyvale, CA

“Anne was able to crystallize my accomplishments into a crisp and compelling resume. Her process got me thinking about the value I added to each position in new ways."

—Peter S. - Silicon Valley, CA

"Anne quickly understood what I did in my jobs. She’s a thesaurus on steroids! She has the resume process nailed."

— Angela J. - Sacramento, CA

"Anne's marketing background, her writing ability and communication skill are invaluable."

—Ophelia C. - Silicon Valley, CA

"Anne has a 'bottom-line' approach to resume creation, and knows how to 'package the person' to get the intended result."

Diane D.  - Alamo, CA

"Anne sets a new standard in resume writing."

Neil K.  - Lafayette, CA

"Anne sees her client’s character and potential, which is reflected in the quality of the resumes she creates.”

—Amandyne B. - Coulommiers, France

“Anne's expertise and strong relationships provided the opportunity to facilitate my transition into a new job.”

—John F. - Denver, CO

“Anne captured the essence of my success in each position."

—Stephanie M.  - Castle Rock, CO

“Anne's approach and style proved to be very effective; I was hired full-time by one of my clients!”

—CMO - San Diego, CA

“I appreciate Anne's interactive approach.  She clearly knows what works and what doesn't work in today's job market."

—Mary S. -  Landenberg, PA

"Anne is a master at taking scattered words and creating a cohesive, well written story that gives employers a complete picture of the individual. She also writes the content so that anyone can understand the message (not specific to a person in the field), which is very important in targeting a broader audience."   

—Rina P. - Stuttgart, Germany

"Awesome Resumes live up to the name. I used my new resume to translate my talents into a totally new career direction."

—Rick P. - Vancouver, Canada

"Working with Anne is a self-discovery process that results in painting a complete picture of skills and experience. Her perspective on framing my skills and employment in a different way goes far beyond what I could have imagined."

—Johanna M. - Santa Rosa, CA