Works of Art Inspired by YOU...

"Awesome Resumes lives up to the name. I used my new resume to translate my talents into a totally new career direction"

Rick P. - Vancouver, Canada

"Anne knows the resume 'best practices'. The proof is in the results. I have received high-quality responses from recruiters and hiring managers.”

Suzanne P. - Sunnyvale, CA

“Anne was able to crystallize my accomplishments into a crisp and compelling resume. Her process got me thinking about the value I added to each position in new ways."

Peter S. - Silicon Valley, CA

"Anne's marketing background, her writing ability and communication skill are invaluable."

Ophelia C. - Silicon Valley, CA

"Anne has a 'bottom-line' approach to resume creation, and knows how to 'package the person' to get the intended result."

Diane D. - Dallas, TX

About Awesome Resumes®

Writing your own resume often feels like painting by numbers. You’ll create a painting, but it is unlikely to capture the attention of a true critic—your next employer, because it will lack the depth and dimension of an awesome resume.

Our personalized service, and ability to create customized resumes, have been the hallmark of our (and our clients!) success. This is where our quality shines and is what differentiates us. Each resume we write is uniquely crafted for the individual it represents.

We structure the content and format to convey the most compelling portrayal of what that client offers to potential employers.

We also realize that when you enlist a resume service, the quality of what you pay for has direct impact on your marketability in the job market, and we are unquestionably dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.

Awesome Resumes

"Working with Anne is a self-discovery process that results in painting a complete picture of skills and experience. Her perspective on framing my skills and employment in a different way goes far beyond what I could have imagined."

Johanna M. - Santa Rosa, CA

Anne Belfort

Anne Belfort is the creative force behind Awesome Resumes, LLC®. She uses her extensive career experience in Marketing, Strategy Development, Business Development, and Sales Training to repackage and market people. Anne is a high-energy dynamo who knows how to bring out the best in her clients. After you have experienced Anne’s process, you won’t view your “career” self in the same way again!

Awesome Resumes

By communicating the right information, in the right way, her clients report that their new Awesome Resumes® always gain attention and interest from employers.


We operate on a “one price DOES NOT fit all” philosophy.  Pricing is based on the complexity and depth of each person’s career history.  The Free Resume Assessment is the critical first step in the process.

“Anne was able to crystallize my accomplishments into a crisp and compelling resume. Her process got me thinking about the value I added to each position in new ways.”

Peter S. - Silicon Valley, CA


We have a well-honed process that helps us paint masterpieces for each and every client.

Free Resume Assessment

We review your current resume, identifying what’s working, as well as recommended areas for improvement. Our Free Resume Assessment also serves as the basis for pricing.


Our in-depth interview process and insightful questions reveal undiscovered assets and capabilities we then use to construct your new resume.

Online Testing

We utilize short and comparative tests for additional insight into your work skills and style.

Crafting the Masterpiece

Creating a resume is like painting a work of art.  Every word adds light and contrast.  Every sentence is a brush stroke, until finally the masterpiece is finished. The portfolio also includes the cover letter.

Job Interview Preparation

Once the new resume is completed, we lead interview preparation sessions that ensure unparalleled interview success using your Awesome Resume® as the backdrop. (We stay with you and continue to offer interview coaching until you land a job offer).

“Anne sees her client’s character and potential, which is reflected in the quality of the resumes she creates.”

Amandyne B. - Coulommiers, France